Customer magazine CONect analyzes innovations in the energy sector.

The latest issue of our customer magazine CONect is devoted to the topic "Innovations in the energy sector”. In addition to new business models, network innovations are also presented, supplemented by articles on innovation management and on multi-channel and multi-brand management in the energy i


Dr. Tim Wenzel is a new partner at KONEXUS Consulting Group

With immediate effect Dr. Tim Wenzel (44) is reinforcing the KONEXUS Consulting Group team at the Hamburg site...

Strategy and management consulting for the energy industry

Welcome to KONEXUS Consulting Group, one of the leading consulting companies for the energy industry. We advise major energy companies, regional suppliers, as well as municipal utilities of all sizes along the entire value-added chain and on all strategic and organizational issues.

Broadband: An emerging market for energy suppliers

For some time now development of access networks for high-speed broadband fibre-to-the-home (FttH) and fibre-to-the-building (FttB) Internet services has been supported politically. Not least by the important milestone set by the German federal government in 2009 in the shape of the broadband...

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Importance of MiFID and REMIT to energy trading

Against the backdrop of the financial crisis and continuously rising trade volumes in the European energy markets, regulation of energy trading is being pushed to the forefront by regulatory authorities. The soon to be adopted EU financial market directive MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments...

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Redefining asset services

Operational asset services have traditionally been a core business of energy supply companies. With the organisational unbundling of networks and the formation of client-contractor relationships between asset management and asset service, the foundations have been laid for the awarding of asset...

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